This vet clinic is hiring someone to fill in their new position—you might want to consider drafting your cover letter


Are you tired of your old job? Do you love animals? Do you consider yourself a ‘cativist’?

Well, it’s time to drop whatever it is you’re doing and hand in your resignation letter! This may be your once in a lifetime chance for you to have your dream job.

There is a vet clinic situated in Dublin, Ireland who is looking for someone with a ‘catitude’ to fill in their new position as professional cat cuddler.

The clinic, Just Cats is looking for a full-time professional cat cuddler

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

The clinic posted an advertisement offering a salary of €20,000-€25,000 (US$22,000-US$28,000) to anyone who has the necessary qualifications and would care for homeless felines in their clinic.

Cat enthusiasts are welcome to apply however, the candidate must also possess real qualifications as well

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

The main responsibility of the job is to is to help calm felines that are feeling anxious about their time at the vet.

The requirements for the position include ‘gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time’, ‘a soft-spoken demeanor’, and ‘an ability to understand different types of purring.’

Some might wonder how understanding different types of purring is related to the job scope. For most of us, purring is typically associated with the cat being content, but cats also sometimes purr when they are stressed or afraid. Thus, it is essential for the candidate to differentiate between different types of purring.

The job description mentions that candidates should be “…softly spoken and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our patients,”

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

Veterinarian, Aoife Caulfield explained that cats often don’t get the veterinary care they should. Research indicated that pet owners are often hesitant to take cats to the vet unless there’s an emergency. The result is the animals will get so stressed at the office and have difficulty in getting treatment. But Just Cats is hoping to change that.

“By helping the cat and the owner to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible when they come to visit, we give our patients the best chance of receiving high-quality health care and continuing to engage with us,” said Caulfield

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

The job is highly competitive and Just Cats have received hundreds of resumes and applications from all around the world

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

There are also a lot of other opportunities for those who are interested to work in the ‘feline field’.

A lot of animal shelters are often in need of volunteers to socialize and play with the animals in their care. During kitten season — the warmer months of the year when lots of kittens are born, many animal shelters become overwhelmed with homeless young felines. There just not enough hands to help cater for the welfare of the cats.

Rescue groups also need people to foster kittens that were separated from their mothers too early. These kittens are in need of tender loving care.

So in case you’re have soft spot for those tiny fur balls, you might want to consider adopting

Credit: Just Cats Veterinary Clinic

What are your thoughts? If you consider yourself worthy of being a professional cat cuddler, why not give it a try!

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