18-year-old waffle house waitress took elderly man’s plate—what she did next leaves netizens feeling touched


The ancient Greek writer, Sophocles once said, “To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task,”. A good deed, although simple and small can brought along amazing results in the end. This is true for 18-year-old Evoni Williams.

Evoni was a waitress working at La Marque Waffle House in Texas, United States. She was doing her usual work serving food to the customers when suddenly an elderly man arrived. The man had breathing problems and required the help of an oxygen tank.

Evoni saw that the man was struggling to cup up his food. His hands was shaking and could not hold his utensils still. He told Evoni that his hands are not working as well it used to. Suddenly, she did something unexpected.

“Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham,” said Laura

Credit: Laura Wolf

A customer, Laura Wolf saw the whole thing and took a picture of Evoni and the old man. She posted it on her Facebook account and said that she was thankful to have witness this act of kindness in front of her.

The photo received 140 thousand likes and over 70 thousand shares.

People commented praising Evoni’s act of kindness

Credit: Laura Wolf

The news spread like wild fire and reached the Texas City – La Marque Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Bobby Hocking issued a proclamation and awarded Evoni her own day for her kind act.

Southern Texas University (TSU) has also awarded a scholarship worth US$16,000. Evoni had graduated high school since May 2017 and have been working at the restaurant to save up money for college. The university assigned a counselor to help her plan for her study life.

“Getting my own day. Getting the scholarship and all of that. That’s what made me teary-eyed,” said Evoni

Credit: Texas City – La Marque Chamber of Commerce

Evoni: “It’s something I would do any other day”

Credit: Texas Southern University

Good job Evoni. Best of luck to all your future endeavors!

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