Rare sausages seen hanging from trees. Are they fruits or vegetables? Or something else?


Since agriculture technology became advanced, we are able to get a variety of food every day. A few days ago, my husband brought back some mulberries that looked like worms and my children were disappointed by their appearance. What shocked me most was when my husband came back with some homegrown fruits. He brought back some kind of fruit that looks exactly like a sausage! I’m not sure if any of you have seen this kind of fruit before

When you first look at this fruit, did you have the same idea as me? Does it look like a sausage? Even the colour is the same. When my husband came back with a box of these ‘sausages’, I stood there amazed.

I asked my husband: “How do we eat this?” He replied that it is a fruit. We could eat it as it is. Our uncle plants this plant and it is a very expensive fruit.

It costs NT 9 (USD 0.31) a kilogram

After searching on the web, I found out that this fruit is commonly known as cassabanana, casbanan, sikana, or musk cucumber. This plant species belongs to the squash family. Because of it being a very rare and special fruit, it is very expensive which costs around ten dollars a fruit. That is why this fruit is hardly seen in supermarkets.

No one would want to spend NT 10 (USD 0.34) for a fruit!

When it is ripe, it is eaten as a fruit. When it is still raw, it can be eaten as a vegetable. It can be stir-fried and boiled as a soup. It tastes fresh and it is rich in vitamins and nutrition.

Local children love to eat this fruit when it is ripe

When ripe, it is as fragrant as honey. It has anti-ageing properties, it detoxifies our body and also takes care of our skin. If it is made into a juice, it is as sweet as honey and the fragrance is very intoxicating. Other than being a fruit, it can also be made into jam as well.

When it is raw, it is green in colour. Now, it looks exactly like a normal melon. Only when it has ripened it will turn reddish in colour. The fruit can be kept for long periods of time.

Put some in your bedroom as it can help you to sleep better

Musk banana is like a cucumber, long and thin with a cylindrical and crescent shape. It also gives a good yield. An acre of land could yield around 3000 kg. Now the market price for a kilogram of musk banana is around NT 9 (USD 0.31). Income from selling an acre of a land worth of musk banana is around NT 27000 (USD 921)! If there are 10 acres, Wouldn’t the yearly income become NT 270000 (USD 9210) dollars?

Have you all seen this fruit? Have you tried it before?


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