Woman dyed her hair once a month—10 years later she was diagnosed with cirrhosis (liver disease)


As science and technology advances, our work and lifestyle has become more hectic. Due to job pressure, people would start to have white hair emerging at a younger age. They would usually dye their hair just to look beautiful and younger.

A lady by the last name of Chen who was around 30 years of age started to have white hair emerging.

She would dye her hair once a month to cover the white hair. She continuously dyed her hair for 10 years until when she was 40, she felt weak and sick.

2 months ago, Chen found that she did not have the strength to walk up stairs. At first she did not take it as a serious matter. After that things got worse. She started to feel tired after a few minutes of walk. Her skin color also turned yellow. Her husband also noticed the white of her eye turned yellow as well. It was then Chen noticed that she was sick.

She went to see doctors and they diagnosed her with liver cirrhosis which was nearing the final stages.

Doctors found that Chen’s bilirubin was 10 times higher than normal that led to her skin turn yellowish. According to Chen’s medical history, she did not take any drugs that would damage the liver. Through doctor’s comprehensive judgment, the main cause of Chen’s liver cirrhosis was due to her hair dying for many years.

FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. The abdomen of a person with cirrhosis showing massive fluid buildup and very visible veins. Credit: Wikipedia

After 20 days of treatment, her liver function improved. Unfortunately the chemicals in the dye have done irreversible damages to her liver and increased her risk of developing liver cancer.

Doctors pointed out that most hair dyes have few dozen types of chemicals ingredients in them. A lot of these chemical ingredients are poisonous to humans such as nitro-benzene, aniline and so on. Doctors said that these chemicals are absorbed by our skin. When these toxins entered our body, our liver will work to cleanse us of these toxins. Chen’s frequent hair coloring overworked her liver.

These toxins can also cause cell mutations. It would induce skin cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia etc.

Doctors advice to you all who love to dye your hair to look younger or beautiful, try avoiding dying your hair too frequently or do not dye it at all! If your work require you to dye your hair, you must try to choose plant based hair dye. After dying your hair, please allow half a year’s interval before dying again.


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