Running low on funds? Here are 7 jobs college and university student’s can apply for in order to earn some extra cash!


It is tough being a student in today’s day and age where the cost of education in some institutions are simply exorbitant. Many students are forced to take loans in order to pay for their tertiary education fees.

Therefore it is not rare to see a majority of college students having part-time jobs in order to get by. Here is a list of things college and university students can do in order to earn money and keep up with the rising costs of living or to save up in order to pay back their student loans.

1. Tuition teacher

Becoming a tuition teacher or private tutor is an excellent way for student’s to earn money. There are many parent’s who would hire young tutors to teach their children and what’s more, it is very flexible.

Private tutors can negotiate with prospective students and their parents on the time and days they are available. It can also be very lucrative depending on the hours and type of  subject a tutor is asked to teach.

Tutors can also choose to teach the subjects in which they are the most comfortable in or subjects they have previously mastered.

2. Boutique promoter

If you are someone who loves to interact with other people you can try your hand at becoming a boutique promoter. Promoter’s are friendly and jovial people who are in charge of bringing customers to stores and catering to their queries, if they have any.

The job of a promoter is overall an easy one. They will need to look after the store and attend to their customers’ needs.

3. Restaurant crew

Restaurants are always in need of staff and this is the easiest job for students to apply for. It is not easy however because a restaurant’s staff and crew will have to be constantly on their feet in order to tend to their customers and it can be taxing on the body.

It can be tiring but in most restaurant’s the pay-off is worth it.

4. Starting a business on campus

If you are not able to leave your campus grounds in order to work, the you can consider starting a small business on campus.

You can buy snacks and packaged goods in bulk then sell it to your fellow students for a profit. It would be great if you can find something that is not easily available on campus and that student’s may have cravings for.

5. Become a drop ship agent

With the advent of social media, social media marketing has become a widespread phenomenon. With the growing mass of supply chains, drop ship agents are now playing an important role in the selling of goods.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method. It has a low risk factor as the agent only transfers orders to either a retailer or manufacturer who then ships the order straight to the customers.

6. Try writing a blog or become a copywriter

If you have a knack for writing, you can try your hand at becoming a blog writer or copywriter. The masses are becoming more and more invested in what other people have to say and if you can write something that will grab reader’s attention, you can make a profit from it.

You will need to be consistent and write something regularly so as to gain a following and prompt readers to come back to your page for new content.

7. Sell insurance

If you are an extrovert and have a flair for persuasion, then becoming an insurance agent may just be the thing for you. Many students don’t know the importance of having an insurance so it will be up to you to enlighten them and hopefully get them to sign up with you.

The more people you get to sign up for an insurance plan, the more you earn from gaining commission.

Go ahead and try to apply for part time job that suits you. Your choices are not limited to the above as these are only suggestions and there are tons of other jobs that students can do while studying. All the very best of luck to you!


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