Spring onions and 6 other easy-to-grow vegetables that you could regrow from your kitchen scraps!


Have you ever dreamed of growing your own vegetables but the thoughts of having to buy the seeds and the fact that you do not have an outdoor garden to plant vegetables have been putting you off from realising the idea? Surprisingly, you do not need to buy plants or packets of seeds to start your own vegetable garden because you can actually grow vegetables from your kitchen scraps and it is not as hard as you think it is!

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Plus, even if you live in an apartment where there are not many outdoor spaces, these home-grown vegetables do not take up much area since you can grow them both indoors and outdoors

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So, why not take a look at the list of suggested plants for your beginner’s vegetable garden below for some ideas!

#1 Spring onion

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Ever encounter the times when you are frustrated that the onions you bought have already grown sprouts? Well, do not throw them away and instead, plant them in a pot and make sure to water them at least once a day.

It only takes a few days for the onions to grow sprouts which then turn into spring onions.

Allow them to grow for three weeks and after that, you can enjoy your spring onions

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Bonus: Spring onions have a strong aromatic smell that will help to repel common pests from infesting your garden.

#2 Bird’s eye chili

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To grow your own bird’s eye chili, take the seeds out and just plant them in a pot. Water the seeds twice a day.

When the seeds have grown into a plant and has started to grow branches and leaves, move it into a bigger pot to ensure it has enough space to grow

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#3 Lemongrass

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If you have extra lemongrasses at home, why not take some and trim a couple of inches off their top and put them into a glass that is filled with water. Make sure that the lemongrasses have plenty sources of sunlight.

In just three to four days, tiny roots will start shooting from the stalk. When this happens, plant the lemongrass stalks at a slanted angle in a pot.

For the first week, you will need to water them twice a day but you can reduce it to just once a day after that

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#4 Celery

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Take the base of a celery and insert two wooden sticks into the celery base before putting it in a bowl of water. The sticks help to avoid the base from touching the bottom of the bowl so that the roots will have enough space to grow. Like other vegetable plants, put the plant in a sunny area.

After one to two weeks, you should be able to see a tiny stalk grows out from the base. The next step is to move the base into a pot.

Celery needs a lot of water so do not forget to water it at least twice a day

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#5 Ginger

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To regrow ginger, choose the one which has already sprouted.

Then, plant it in a pot and keep it in a shady area but still have access to sunlight

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Ginger takes a while to regrow so you might need to wait six months before harvesting it if you prefer to use young ginger or nine months for old ginger.

#6 Garlic

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To regrow garlic, you just have to take several cloves of garlic and plant them in a pot vertically. The roots will grow out from the bottom of the cloves while the sprouts will come out from their top. Make sure that they get enough sunlight and you can harvest them when the shoots have turned yellowish.

#7 Coriander

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Take the base of coriander stalks and put the stalks in a glass of water. Make sure the water only covers the roots and not the stalks. When the roots have grows longer (two to three inches longer), move the stalks into a pot

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Apart from the fact that you could save some cash from buying vegetables at the market, you could also decorate your house with these vegetable plants and turn your empty jam jars or tea cans into creative decorative pieces!

Isn’t it great?

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So, why not start to regrow some of the vegetables in your house!

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