A rose among the snowflakes! A Japanese photographer took an extremely rare image of a stunning bird


God’s creations are truly magnificent. They are both beautiful and astounding. Recently a Japanese photographer had captured an image of a rare wild bird from a close proximity. A dazzling pink bird was captured in the midst of a white-wash of snow covered plains. Netizens cannot express just how magnificent these pictures look.

A photographer noticed a pink colored wild bird perched in the ground. Excitedly he pointed his camera in it’s direction and quickly took a picture of the bird.

▼ The bird looked like ‘a pink rose blooming on the white snow’

▼ This bird is called a Rosefinch and it is a member of the finch family

This bird is usually found in Central Siberia and sub-arctic areas. When winter arrives they will migrate and fly South.

▼ They are known to sometimes visit Japan but it is an extremely rare occurrence

▼ The image of this Rosefinch has accumulated over 70,000 likes and it has been shared over 30,000 by netizens

Some of the comments from netizens include:

“It is super cute with a light pink shade.”

“It looks like it would bring happiness and love as well.”

“It’s my first time looking at this bird. It looks extremely beautiful.”

With the white snow-laden backdrop, the pink bird really stand out from it’s surroundings which make the photographs of it even more majestic.

Nature is home to many exquisite sights and this is just one of the endless examples. Be sure to walk around and enjoy the scenery of your surroundings and be sure to keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may find.


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