15+ hilarious photos show when people try to fool others and end up with epic fails!


Everyone has their own quirky response when it comes to certain things. Sure, there are times when the situation does not happen according to your liking but these people chose to embrace their struggle and put a twist on it. And the results could not get funnier than this!

#1 Is it true that his mother signed the report?

#2 The sign sure looks convincing enough…

#3 101 signs if your Lacoste shirt is fake: No. 1: There is a 3D crocodile figurine taped on the shirt

#4 Is this bag from the latest Louis Vuitton collection?

#5 Raise your hand if you are bold enough to get massage from this ‘parlour’

#6 When it is too costly to replace the trunk emblem so he decided to DIY the emblem himself. Not bad!

#7 Any guests would think twice before entering this house

#8 When you do not want others to drink your fizzy drinks, this is what you should do

#9 It is the same

#10 His concerned classmates might have drawn the smiley face so that their teacher would not get angry at him for sleeping during the class

#11 Get the best of both brands, Nike and Adidas by buying these shoes

#12 Looks like someone is too obsessed with Harry Potter!

#13 This is not just a random donkey

#14 This man might need a little bit of help with Photoshop 

#15 Can you see the invisible guitar strings?

#16 “I was told that I would achieve my dream body after 12 weeks but no one told me that my skin colour would change as well”

#17 The easiest way to turn your laptop into a Macbook

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