Chilling footage of boy barely hanging onto a moving escalator before two passersby caught him seconds before falling to death


In a video that has been circulating the internet recently, a young boy nearly fell to death from a moving escalator before he was saved by two passersby. 

The boy can be seen approaching the escalator and lying flat on the moving belt of the escalator.

He had been playing alone

However, the boy later loses control of his balance when the belt continues to move up

Thankfully, two passersby on an escalator in the opposite direction see him barely hanging onto the moving belt and reach out to him before he is about to fall down

The terrifying moment was caught by a surveillance camera and it quickly became viral on China’s internet

According to Sohu, the hair-raising incident happened in a shopping centre in the Baishan District of Jiangyuan City in north-east China’s Jilin Province.

Watch how the young boy merely escaped death here

Escalator accidents are common in China, especially in shopping centres and subway stations with most of the victims involved are young children who are playing without adult’s supervision or mothers who are carrying their children in their arms or on a stroller.


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