Video of Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes went viral as he tells baggage handlers to “kiss the bags” of passengers!


It should no longer come as a surprise that airport baggage handlers treat their passenger’s bags horribly as many viral videos appeared online. In those viral videos, the staffs simply throw luggage without considering that they might damage the bags. This happens so often in fact, you are a lucky one if your bags were to came back to you in pristine condition.

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It is almost to be expected that your bags will be flung form platform to platform like they were boulders

Seeing as this issue is becoming more rampant these days where airport baggage handlers mistake passenger’s bags for soccer balls, Air Asia Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes had recently gathered his staff to tell them to handle passenger bags with more care.

Tony Fernandes implored his staff to start treating Air Asia passenger’s bags with more care

A video recording of Fernandes was shared on Facebook by a user named Mohd Jefri on February 15. The Air Asia CEO pleaded his employees to treat passenger’s luggage with more caution.

He said to the crowd “Please look after bags better. Every day I got someone e-mailing me about bags. Don’t throw the bags anymore, kiss the bags.”

The staff agreed to be more careful of the passenger’s luggage in return for a four day work week 

Fernandes had pleaded his employees to take better care of the passenger’s luggage and in return he promised a new work schedule which will ensure a good work-life balance. He can be heard in the video recording asking his energetic staff “You are willing to work 12 hours a day?”

He asked again “If we go 4 x 4, you are willing to work 12 hours a day?” to which his staff answered with a resounding yes.

Almost all airline baggage handlers are guilty of manhandling passenger’s luggage 

The videos are still circulating rapidly on social media platforms as not only the Malaysian citizens applaud Fernandes’ efforts but prospective Air Asia travelers also commend their resolution.

Watch the video below:


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