17-year-old teenager was electrocuted when using charging mobile phone


Many people are wondering if it is safe to use mobile phone while it is being charged. While many phone companies claim that it is safe to use mobile phones or tablets when they are being charged, they state that they will charge slower if being used while being charged.

However, this does not seem to be entirely true as there are several instances where cases of deaths have been reported across the world due to using these electrical devices when being charged.

Recently, a 17-year-old student from Brazil passed away because she was electrocuted by her charging mobile phone. Luiza Pinheiro, from Riacho Frio was immediately rushed to the hospital after the tragic incident occurred. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save her.

It has been reported that Pinheiro was found with her headphones melted into her ears

Her relative was reported to find her lifeless body on the floor of her home at about 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

They said that the teenager was unconscious and her phone has been destroyed by a “huge electric charge”. However, the authorities have not made a statement on how the girl was electrocuted.

A hospital spokesman told local media: “The girl’s grandmother told the doctor that they found her granddaughter unconscious, lying on the floor and with headphones in her ears.

“They said they believe that the young woman had an electric shock because the cell phone was charging and the phone was melted”

He added: “It is stated in the medical record that the girl was admitted to the hospital one hour after the electric shock.

“The relatives said that the girl had received a shock, but the causes of death will still be confirmed.”

It was also understood that it was not raining at the time of the incident but there was a lightning storm.


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