These simple tips and recipe will make your chili paste lasts several months!


One of the common ingredients in Southeast Asian cooking is chilies. Be it fried, steamed, stewed, grilled or baked, most of the dishes contain chilies as their main ingredient. Most of the times, the chilies are blended into a smooth paste so it can readily be used. Thus, it is important to prepare and store the chilies in the right way to ensure that it lasts long.

If prepared and stored in the right way, this chili paste could last up to a few months!

Follow the tips and recipe from Ms. Mim Nazihah to make a long-lasting chili paste


  • Dried chilies
  • Garlic
  • Strained water


1. Cut the dried chilies into smaller pieces and remove the seeds. Peel several cloves of garlic. Wash the garlic and the dried chilies with water

Credit: Mim Nazihah

Credit: Mim Nazihah

2. Boil the dried chilies and the peeled garlic cloves in hot water and wait until the chilies are tender

Credit: Mim Nazihah

3. When the garlic and the dried chilies are tender, strain them. Avoid washing them with tap water as it will not make the chili paste long-lasting

Credit: Mim Nazihah

4. Let the chilies and the garlic cool down. Then, blend the chilies and the garlic along with some strained water to turn them into a paste. The garlic functions as antifungal agent to extend the shelf life of the chili paste

Credit: Mim Nazihah

5. Store the chili paste in an airtight container and in a refrigerator

Now, you can use your chili paste anytime you want! Isn’t it convenient to have a home-made chili paste that can last a few months in the fridge?

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