Here are 15 incredible images of fruits and vegetables that wanted to be something more!


Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and fiber needed by the human body. They are loaded with nutrients that aid the body in a myriad of ways from general health to digestion and even to cure specific ailments. Experts encourage the public to have a regular intake of fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Unlike the polished and relatively clean fruits and vegetables we see on the supermarket shelves, many of them do not look as pristine. Some of them look downright weird!

Just take a look at these images below and you will know exactly what we are talking about:

#1 Have you ever seen a strawberry chicken?

#2 This carrot looks a little depressed to be sitting in the soup

#3 Do you love eggplants? Well, this eggplant loves you back!

#4 I don’t think I would buy this snake-shaped bitter gourd

#5 Presenting the latest k-pop group, The Carrots Generation!

#6 That’s one way to say you have one foot in the ground 

#7 The resemblance is uncanny

#8 It looks like the owl’s face has been imprinted in the apple

#9 This really is unusual

#10 What are you hiding from little mushroom?

#11 Sweet potato that’s cute enough to be cuddled

#12 This cannot be a coincidence

#13 This potato looks exactly like a seal! Double chin and all

#14 This root looks like it’s given up and went to nap

#15 Encouraging strawberry gives you a thumbs up


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