These 12 ingenious housekeeping hacks will be sure to help organize and tidy up your home like you’ve never imagined


Everybody wants to have a neat and tidy home which is well-organized, but a majority of the the population simply do not know where to begin. Home organization has become even more crucial as properties are becoming smaller and therefore we need ways to maximize storage space while minimizing costs.

Interior designers will be sure to blow a hole through your pocket but what other options do you have? Fear not as these 12 easy and cost efficient hacks will be sure to save your home and your pockets!

1. Elegant way to store your makeup tools

2. Small wardrobe? No problem!

3. Creative way to store your sunnies

4. Bamboo skewers can be used to hold kitchen knives

5. Reuse glass bottles as accessory holders

6. Label your plugs using plastic bread clips

7. Use wooden clothes pegs to hang your scarves

8. This is one way to ensure you don’t loose your hair ties

9. Re-purpose yogurt cartons as storage containers

10. No shelves in your bathroom? This way you won’t need them

11. No more tangled earphones

12. Here are other uses for magazine holders!


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