Custodian lost son in theft—now if she sees homeless students, she takes them to this closet


In addition to keeping the school tidy, this Georgia custodian has been going above and beyond for the needy students at her school over the past three years. She’s been making a difference on the campus through a special closet located at the corner of the cafeteria.

When Carolyn Collins, a custodian at Tucker High School, was on her early shift three years ago, she found some students were hungry and had no place to go after school.

She then came up with an idea to help them, by transforming a custodian closet into “The Care Closet,” as she calls it

“The Care Closet” is where Collins collects free supplies, including food, clothes, school supplies, and other necessities, for the homeless students in the school.

“I’m trying to give ’em all they need in this closet,” Collins told 11Alive News

She uses her own money to buy most of the supplies to make sure needy students will have what they lack.

“These are our babies,” she said.

“They just want to learn. I just want to take care of them. Some of them sleeping in cars, some in hotels”

One of her motivations for helping these homeless students is the death of her son, who was killed during a burglary at her home. She believes that helping homeless students can be a way to prevent them from committing crimes by teaching them kindness.

“I’m just trying [sic] to our young boys from stealing and killing,” Collins said.

“Because they’re homeless and they’re crying out for help and love, and I’m trying to give them all they need in this closet so [they] don’t have to go out and try and steal and take from no one”

Collins helps about 20 to 30 teens, including homeless students’ siblings each year, but she thinks there might be more needy students out there who don’t ask for help.

“There’s probably more of them, but a lot of kids don’t say anything,” Collins said.

“I tell the teachers a lot, ‘If you see a child with their head down, the same clothes on day after day, let me know’”

“I’m doing something for the kids every day,” she added. “Every day. It’s part of my job.”

This school custodian’s selfless endeavour is truly inspiring. It will surely make a positive impact on not only the homeless students, but also for the campus as a whole.

Watch the video below:

Credit: NTD


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