Do not let your children get near to water fountains to prevent them suffer from the accident in this video


There is nothing wrong to bring your children to outdoor swimming pools and water park and let them play with their new friends. However, it is crucial that you never let your children out of your sight when taking them to a public place, especially when unsuspected danger is lurking around every bend to harm them.

Recently, a young girl from Mexico suffered from serious injury after she was hit with a jet of high pressure water when she played in a public fountain.

At first, everything looked normal and the water fountain looked far from harmful.

Every normal child would definitely feel excited to play with the water fountain

Soon, the young girl approached the water fountain…

Unfortunately, suddenly a jet of water blasted her into the air before she fell on the ground

Some might see this incident as hilarious but the high pressure water could leave her with even worse injuries and trauma.

There have been several occurrences around the world which involve high pressure water fountain causing injuries to unsuspecting young children who were fascinated with them and went on to play around the water fountains. In one occurrence, a young girl was hit with high pressure water fountain between her legs which had caused her to get 250 stitches while in another incident, a young boy was blasted into the air by a water fountain and ended up with bloody nose and cuts on his face after he hit the concrete floor.

While water fountains may be exciting to look at especially for young children, it is better to keep them off the fountains as the blast from the high pressure water could cause them serious injuries.

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