12 individuals who are highly photogenic even when they are in very unfavorable situations


Have you ever taken hundreds of photos for just that one perfect photo that you wish to post on your social media account? Or are you one of the few photogenic people whose photos turn out like they are from fashion campaign?

Well, here we have 12 candid photos of people who are really photogenic even when their photos are taken when they are least expecting it!

#1 1…2…3…Smile!

This newborn might have been destined to be born as a model! He looks natural in front of the camera although he has just come out of the womb.

Credit: imgur.com

#2 Stylish baby

“Hey, pretty. I will be the one you can never forget in your life.”

Credit: reddit.com

#3 Seconds before the unfortunate incident happened

We are not sure how the woman felt after her face was splashed by the water.

Credit: themidgetking/imgur.com

#4 Wonder woman

We know that every person has different pain threshold but can you still crack a smile after you get shot on your arm like this brave young woman here?

Sources: imgur.com

#5 The ‘I will never miss the camera’ look

The man ln the blue uniform looks as if he already knows that he is going to lose. So, might as well enjoy the moment!

Sources: crowbirdsandmockingbars/imgur.com

#6 The most dapper criminal in the world

What do you think this man is guilty of? We think that he is guilty of stealing women’s hearts

Sources: New Zealand Police Museum

#7  Woman versus fire

While other contestants are struggling to run through the fiery obstacles, this woman manages to run with a smile on her face

Sources: imgur.com

#8 Is this man really participating in the run?

Amazing! The man in the purple shirt is all smiles while other runners are struggling to catch their breath

Sources: imgur.com

#9 Same reaction

This might be the first instance where both the police and the criminal are in a good mood after an arrest

Sources: GALLOWGALLOW/imgur.com

#10 Family portrait

We do not doubt that the baby is definitely the son of the man. The apple definitely does not fall far from the tree!

Sources: imgur.com

#11 Live in the moment

When you are in the middle of a competition but you do not want to miss a camera shot

Sources: fishdiks/imgur.com

#12 Everything is fine!

Be happy and cheerful like these kids!

Sources: SupaJon/imgur.com

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