This doctor reveals the terrifying truth on why you should never try to swallow anything when you get a fish bone stuck in your throat


There is nothing worse than sitting down to a delicious meal and suddenly, you have a fish bone stuck in your throat. If it has ever happened to you, you will know how unpleasant it feels! Nevertheless, what will you do if you want to dislodge the fish bone? 

First and foremost, it is important for you to not swallow anything, not even a sip of water. If you could pick and get the bone out of your throat, do so. However, it is best to go see a doctor immediately.

Secondly, ask for someone’s help to pick out the bone. Use a tweezer to pick the tiny bone.

Thirdly, if you fail to get it out by using a tweezer and you feel tenderness and pain in your throat, seek for a professional help instantly. Remember, do not try to attempt to dislodge the bone by sipping vinegar or eat soft food. This might further hurt your throat and the acidity from the vinegar might cause your swelling throat to get infected.

While accidentally getting a fish bone stuck in your throat might cause a brief discomfort as it will go away after a while, there are several life-threatening cases reported regarding this unfortunate matter.

Case 1:

A woman is reported to eat a small lump of cooked rice to force the bone down her throat. The woman came from Wuhan, China was in the middle of a meal when she accidentally swallowed a fish bone.

She then tried to force the fish bone down her throat by swallowing two lumps of cooked rice. However, two days later, she caught a fever and had a terrible pain in her chest. After a diagnose at the hospital later, doctor found a 2-centimeter long of fish bone in her throat. Unfortunately, the wound had been infected and it caused her throat to bleed heavily. The woman could not survive the infection and died soon.

Case 2:

Another case involving fish bone getting stuck in the throat happened to a 62-year-old woman. The woman was sitting down to a fish meal when she accidentally swallowed the fish bone.

At first, she attempted to force the bone down her throat by swallowing some food but later, it turned out the bone had pierced her throat and it was just 3 millimeters away from her aortic artery.

Fortunately, the woman then went to see a doctor immediately and the doctor managed to remove the fish bone through endoscopy.

Case 3:

A doctor recalls having a patient came to the hospital to remove the fish bone which was stuck in her throat. However, as the doctor said that the only possible way to get the fish bone out from her throat was through endoscopy, the woman then refused to undergo the procedure and went back home.

“A week later, her condition became worse and we found out that the fish bone had pierced through her throat. She had a heavy bleeding and died a few days later,” Dr. Xu Siwei said.

“When the patient came to the emergency department, she was throwing up blood. Unfortunately, she passed away at such a young age. She was only 30 years old.”

Dr. Xu Siwei who has an experience as cardiothoracic surgeon at The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejian University School of Medicine for 30 years told that he has encountered five cases of fish bone injury. All of the patients suffered from oesophagitis and perforation at the aortic artery.

He further added that only one of them survived

While the bone may get passed out naturally 99% of the time, some people may have an unfortunate consequence, especially if the bone is big and odd-shaped. Sometimes, when the bone is dislodged, it may cause an impact to the oesophagus and the gut.

So, the next time you feel that there is a fish bone stuck in your throat, you may want to seek for a professional help to remove it. Otherwise, you might risk yourself to other health complications.

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