Here are 15 hilariously true accounts of why you shouldn’t let your kids out of your sight!


Children can both be a source of happiness and misery for parents. They are blank slates and with curious natures and they are ready to explore the vast world before them down to the little things. Their curiosity can make it extremely difficult for their parents to manage them.

At a young age, children are very fond of causing trouble and mischief as a result of them being overly active. Looking after toddlers can be mayhem as you will see in the pictures below.

Here are 15 pictures that capture the mischievous behavior of children which will make you sympathize for their parents.

# 1 My daughter really looks like Darth Vader here!

# 2 But how!?

# 3 We really feel sorry for the person who has to clean up this mess

# 4 This is not how you get a tan!

# 5 This is one way to read if your hands get tired

# 6 It is never a good sign if your child id quiet for a long time

# 7 Usually children would hug stuffed animals, not a jar of peanut butter! 

# 8 To children, there is no difference between humans and cats

# 9 The dad looks like he has given up 

# 10 Warning! Never bring your child to a clothing store

# 11 This is what happens when you give coffee to a toddler

# 12 Here’s a way to make your legs look longer

# 13 I don’t know where to begin with how totally wrong this picture is

# 14 How did you get in there?

# 15 This scared the living daylights out of me


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