My husband lost his leg in an accident so I divorced him. 3 years later I regret my decision when I see him again.


My husband and I came from the same village and we met each other together through a matchmaker. My husband was an honest, dark skin, not very talkative, clumsy and a shy person. 

Compared to his reserved personality, he actually came from a wealthy background. My reason for marrying him was because his family have some business dealings in the city and his family was considered to be quite wealthy in our village. When he was introduced to me by our matchmaker, I could tell that he was completely mesmerised by my beauty.

Back then, I was considered as one of the most beautiful girls in our village

My parents asked for US$20,000 as dowry but little did we know that my in-laws didn’t even bargain to reduce the dowry, instead, they told the matchmaker to send it over the very same day and I was married to my husband that very night! My parents were so happy when they received the big sum of money.

So that is how I got married to my husband. In spite of us not knowing each other well before our marriage, my relationship with my husband after our wedding was considered quite good. My husband was an honest man, a very wise person and is remarkable in doing business. Meanwhile, I became a housewife, looking after our house.

One day, my husband’s business partner came to my house. His name is Liang and he was a very handsome and humorous man. During dinner, he would secretly look at me and somehow, his flirtatious glance made my cheeks flushed. After that dinner, he came and visited me several times. He also gave me presents even when my husband was around. He often praised me that I was a very beautiful girl.

On the other hand, things were going well for my husband and I. His business was flourishing and we grew closer to each other.

Unfortunately, those good days did not last forever. On one of my husband’s business trip, he was involved in a terrible accident. When he was brought to the hospital, he was already in a coma due to cerebral bleed.

To treat my husband, his parent spent all their savings and sold my husband’s business to pay for his medical treatments. Thankfully, my husband survived the ordeal but the injury to his leg was too horrific that it had to be amputated.

At that time, all of us were completely devastated with the terrible news

My husband became a disabled person and I needed to be at his side 24/7 to look after all his needs. Our family became poorer and owed a lot of money because he couldn’t manage his business. Thinking of our harsh life ahead made me very sad. I could not help from shedding tears every time I thought about our unfortunate fate. I really missed the life we had before my husband got into accident.

Surprisingly, Liang showed up and showered me with his sweet talk. After a few conversations, my heart began to move. I then made a decision and told everyone that I wanted to divorce my disabled husband. So I left my ex-husband and followed Liang.

Looking at my husband and in-laws, I could see that they were very disappointed with my decision. The day when I was prepared to leave, their eyes were full of resentment. I told myself: “How fortunate for me that we have no children. If not, this divorce will never happen at all.”

I then followed Liang and moved to the city. At first, he was very kind to me and found a place for me to stay. I asked: “When will you divorce your wife so we could finally get an official copy of our marriage certificate and get married.” He said soon. He found me a job, at his friend’s shop as a shopkeeper.

My relationship with Liang lasted for 3 years. In these 3 years, I did not receive any news about my ex-husband at all. In my 3 years of relationship with Liang, I noticed that his behaviour slowly changed. He would usually come and visit me every day but then, once he got bored being with me, he would be gone for days and weeks. Once, he was so angry that he even beat me. I was so sad and terrified by his aggression and I cried.

Now, I am earning my own money to support myself since he never came back home and give me money

One day, I was walking in the market when I saw a familiar figure. When I took a long look at the man, I realised that the familiar face was my ex-husband. What was more shocking was the fact that my ex-husband could walk! I saw he came out from a brand new BMW. As soon as he turned his face, our eyes met each other. He was as surprised as I was!

Then, my ex-husband walked over to me and asked me if I am doing well in the city.

Apart from seeing him face to face, I was too surprised when I saw that he could walk just fine. So, I asked him: “How are you, is your leg better now?”

My ex-husband told me he had a prosthetic leg installed so that he could move around independently.

Since I left, he rekindled his hope on living. Through his business contacts, he slowly rebuilt his business and it gradually became a big success. Now, his business is bigger than ever and it is still growing. He also told me that he had just bought a brand new BMW.

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I was genuinely happy for him and I was thankful he was willing to let go of our past and talked to me. At that time, I thought that there might be a chance for him to start afresh with me.

Sadly, he told me that he would get remarried soon! The reason he walked over to me was to ask if I would like to attend his wedding ceremony!

When I heard his words, I burst into tears and ran away with my face covered with my hands. That moment, all the years that I spent with Liang flashed before my eyes and I regretted it! I shouldn’t have left my ex-husband because of the short term sufferings.

If I were still married to my ex-husband… how wonderful would my life be now! I wouldn’t be in the current situation of financial burden. We could be playing with our kids in the park and enjoying the prosperous life together… and many more.

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We often do not know how to cherish good moments but when we have lost it, only then would we begin to regret losing those good moments!

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