A girl picked up an odd-looking stone from the beach. After cleaning it, they found that it contained something precious!


A girl was playing by the beach when she noticed there was a stone half buried in the sand. She then dug the stone out and brought it home.

Upon seeing the girl brought a stone covered with moss back home, her mother scolded her but her father noticed that it was not an ordinary stone.

So, they decided to open it and got a delightful surprise!

This weird-looking stone was fully covered with seaweed and moss. The father who was an experienced diver immediately noticed that this was not an ordinary piece of stone. So, he told the mother to wash the sand and seaweed off the stone. When the father turned the stone over, he found that it was a very rare red abalone!

Red abalone is the largest abalone animal with special texture. Generally, it is very hard to find.

Even seasoned fishermen cannot differentiate it with a stone

Under her father’s guidance, the girl cracked opened the red abalone as the family waited to enjoy a hearty meal of the red abalone. The meat of the red abalone is delicious and wild red abalone is even rarer.

Not to mention the price is extremely expensive!

To add to their surprise, they did not expect to find a very rare black pearl in it! Black pearls symbolise the extremely complex and intricate process of crystallisation.

It is also known as ‘the most painful tears of the abalone’, making it a very rare and noble treasure

In total, they found four black pearls inside of the abalone.

No doubt the red abalone has brought more than a surprise fortune!

It seems like a layman’s luck is better than an expert who went all out in search of this rare treasure.

This little girl really changed her family’s fate!

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