A ‘cheap’ apartment for rent in Hong Kong caught everyone’s attention—but people are dumbfounded when they see closer


As one of the top most expensive cities to live, renting a place in Hong Kong would cause a headache to anyone who wish to live in the city. With an average monthly rent of HKD 44,000 (USD 5,627) for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre, the cost of living in Hong Kong has skyrocketed to an unbelievable amount in the past decade.

Surprisingly, a Hong Kong landlady offered her apartment for rent at just HKD 2,900 (USD 370) a month! But when you see closer, you will find something ex-ordinary!

Her apartment which is situated closely to a subway station in a downtown area in Hong Kong also comes with a single sofa bed, a sink and a toilet

However, the apartment is only 40-square-foot big, similar to a size of an average bathroom

On listing site, 591.com.hk, the landlady boasted about the ‘lovely’ apartment and how close it is to the Yau Ma Tei subway station.

“The sofa bed gives you flexibility to move around in the flat, you can fold it up. You can also put a curtain to separate the toilet and the bed,” the landlady who is known as Ms Wong described the space

According to pictures advertised on the listing, the apartment is furnished with a sofa bed, a set of cupboard above the bed and a metal bar to hang clothes.

“You know how stressful it can be for the low-income workers to find a place to live. It’s better to have a place to stay than nowhere to stay,” she stressed.

Apparently, the apartment had been converted from a kitchen 

However, Ms Wong received criticism by netizens for letting out such a small space as an apartment.

“Is she so money-deprived that she had to rent this tiny place up?” one netizen commented.

Another netizen questioned: “Location friendly? You can’t even move in the apartment, what’s the point for it?”

Another tenant who lives in the same building told that the place he is currently renting is 100-square-foot flat, more than double the size of Ms Wong’s advertised apartment. He pays HKD 4,000 (USD 511) every month for his apartment.

What do you think of the extremely high cost of living in Hong Kong? Are you currently experiencing the same situation?

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