A girl raised some worms after finding them in the garden. At last, her idea of raising these worms as her new pets made everyone envious!


When we find caterpillars wriggling on our leafy vegetables, a majority of us would find them disgusting and would not hesitate to kill them! However, there was one netizen who had a different opinion about these worms. She decided to make some caterpillars that she found on her garden as her pet. It may seem very weird but after reading this article, you would have a warm feeling for these creatures.

You may find this netizen to be silly and may laugh at her idea. When she was still in her teens studying in high school, she found some caterpillars in her grandma’s vegetable garden.

▼ She thought that these caterpillars looked cool and decided to raise them up

She decided to pick a few different species of caterpillars and fed them fresh vegetables everyday.

▼​ While the caterpillars munched on the greens, she would clean their box

▼ As days passed by, these caterpillars that were carefully looked after turned into pupa

She was looking forward for the pupa to hatch. Then, a week went by and a butterfly appeared! She bought these butterflies to the flower pots and released them.

▼ She felt very happy!

Netizens who saw this post commented:

“People who loved worms must really be kind-hearted.”

“If I use my grandmother’s vegetables to raise worms, she would throw them away!”

“During spring time, I bought a kumquat tree to plant and some Papilio caterpillars made the tree their home. Raising them gave me a sense of achievement!”

“Looking at her raised these vegetable worms touched me!”

People who carefully raise caterpillars are kind-hearted. Looking at these caterpillars turn into butterflies is super cool and rewarding and those who do not raise them would not understand the feeling at all.

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