A cheeky monkey learned it’s lesson the hard way after it passed out for 10 hours because of a cup of coffee it stole


A majority of the population of adults today rely on a cup of coffee in the morning to start their day. This young monkey found out the hard way last Sunday, that coffee was probably not so good for it. The incident happened in Bangkok where a monkey had stolen a cup of coffee from a tourist and had passed out for over 10 hours!

The monkey had more caffeine than it’s system could handle and had to be treated using carbon and saline solutions which were administered by local animal doctors.

The locals believed that the monkey was only trying to imitate the actions of travelers and tourists who were drinking the beverage nearby

The witness who found the monkey called the local vet and subsequently took the animal there to be treated

Witnesses who were at the area when the incident happened, say that the six-month-old ape fell ill after climbing into a traveler’s motorbike and stealing a cup of coffee which hung in a plastic bag on the vehicle.

Before anyone could react to stop it, the monkey downed the coffee 

Shortly afterwards, the monkey began to look sick and could not move around properly. It fainted by the road after experiencing and overdose of caffeine in it’s body because of the strong coffee it had drank. People who were around the area witnessed the monkey’s ailment and summoned a veterinarian. The monkey was given a mixture of carbon and saline which stained it’s lips black.

This mixture was administered to help remove the toxins from it’s body and it took nearly ten hours for the monkey to recover

If they wanted to feed the animals that were around, they should only give them fruits and vegetables because it is safe for them to consume

Travelers and tourists have been warned not to leave their food or drinks unattended

The medical team that showed up on the scene where the monkey was found to have passed out, took the animal to a nearby animal clinic to be treated appropriately. The young ape was given it’s treatment and the next day it looked much better.

The monkey has since been released after a follow up was done to ensure it was healthy

The doctors also advised people to be more careful when they have food in and drinks in public, especially the areas which are home to monkeys.  This is to make sure this type of incident would not happen again. We believe this monkey has learned it’s lesson though.

The local animal caretaker said the monkeys should only be given fruits and vegetables in certain designated areas. Other food and drinks may not be suitable or safe for the animals to consume.


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