Beware! Lump around your wrist could signify red flags about your health that you should not ignore


Some people tend to overlook the bumps and bruises on their bodies, especially around wrists, thinking that these lumps are nothing to be worried about. But beware! These lumps could signify red flags about your health that you should not ignore!

The lumps around your wrist are generally harmless and do not require further treatment. However, if you find the lumps to be painful and recurrent, it may be the sign that you are suffering from hygroma, where cyst filled with fluid content, sometimes of mucus and fibrin protein formed around your wrist.

Hygroma generally occurs on the back of the fingers where the knuckle or joint is located.

Sometimes, it also occurs on the surface of the palm and around the base of the thumb

Some of the factors of hygroma are:

  • Secondary injury (mostly seen among athletes)
  • Injuries or inflammation of the joints or soft tissues around the wrist
  • Excessive load on the wrist
  • Genetic
  • Degenerative joint disease

While in many cases, hygroma proves to be harmless and will disappear in a few days, some hygroma grow in size and start to pressure nearby blood vessels and nerve endings which can result in sharp pain, physical discomfort and numbness. You might want to seek for doctor’s help if your hygroma co-occur with any of these symptoms:

  • Unable to move and stretch your fingers or hand
  • The skin around the lump turns into red and flaky
  • Pain around the lump
  • The area around the lump becomes sensitive to touch

It is always best to seek for further treatment and doctor’s consultation if your lump persists with sharp and consistent pain.

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