This old house may look like it has been abandoned for a long time but wait until you step inside of it!


In Ontario, Canada, a series of photos of an eerily abandoned house has gone viral especially among the urban explorer communities. Unlike most abandoned structures which are completely ruined inside and outside, this abandoned house still has a relatively good interior!

Even though the house is obviously left untended for a quite a while, the inside of the house still remains in a good condition as if someone has been secretly looking after it.

Most of the furniture are still well-organised although it has been abandoned for a long time! Due to the strange and unexplained nature of the inside of the house, an urban explorer photographer team, Freaktografi had gone to investigate the house further.

Here are some of the photos that they took around the house. You will not believe your eyes when you see these pictures!

From the outside, the house looks like a typical house that has been abandoned for a long time

However, as soon as you step inside of it…

What impressive about the interior is that there are still some valuable items remain in the living room.

If you look closely, there is a guitar and stereo system that are still in good condition!

In the same area, there is a large piano that is in good shape although it is heavily covered with dust

Looks like someone just had a meal in the dining area!

Surprisingly, the sink and the fridge are cleaned and well-maintained

The clock stops at 2:15 o’clock. Do you think there is a hint behind this?

Stacks of plates and bowls that are still good

The table is shockingly neat as well as the objects in the shelves

The bathroom which is apparently turned into a dressing room

Could the perfume bottles on the dressing table indicate that there is actually someone living in the house all along?

The remains inside of the drawer could give us a big hint to the house’s owner

Medicine cabinet that is full with various medicines and first-aid kit supplies

An old photo of an unknown woman found in the house

Surprisingly, the mirror in this room is still sparkling clean unlike other mirrors in the house

Could a raccoon lives in the room?

The vast collection of books on the shelves shows how much the house owner enjoyed reading

Antique typewriter found in the reading room

Some of the books that are well-kept and in good shape

More books are found in another room of the house

From guitar to stereo system and now, this gramophone. This house owner sure loved music!

Anyone could easily be impressed with the collection of antique musical instruments found in this room

A corner of the house which stores some of vintage furniture

Another clock found in the house

Two years after Freaktography released the photos on their Facebook account, a Facebook user commented on the photos: “Interesting! Do you know why the house was left in such state? It is as if the family suddenly forgot to return to the house…”

Freaktography then replied to the comment: “The woman who lived in the house has moved to another place to take care of her sick friend. Sadly, her friend passed away so the woman returned to her house and she was shocked to find a group of urban photographers taking photos of her house.”

Well, the mystery is now solved! Looks like the house is not entirely abandoned all this while!

Sources: Freaktography | Facebook | Instagram


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