This 60-year-old man walked in heavy snowfalls for 40 km. His reason is incredibly touching


Even though most of us would vow to do anything for our loved ones, how many of us would actually get into action and sacrifice something in the name of love? Well, this man has certainly beat everyone when it comes to sacrificing for the loved one as he braved heavy snowfalls and walked on foot just to get nice clothes for his wife!

According to Shanghaiist, Zhao Fangzi, a 60-year-old migrant worker from Henan, China had walked for 40 kilometres to his home in extremely cold weather on January 26.

He chose to walk back home after finding out the heavy snowfalls had caused bus services to be shut down temporarily

Instead of taking a cab for 200 yuan (US$ 32), he bravely chose to walk back home.

While it may seem like he was being extremely frugal, the truth is he was saving money so that he could buy new clothes for his wife this Chinese New Year.

Zhao told the local media: “Money does not come easily.”

When asked how he managed to walk all the way to home in the snowy weather, he said: “The more you walk, the warmer you feel,”.

Throughout the journey, Zhao also carried his belongings including a sleeping mat, an electric fan, and his bedding

Zhao told he only earned around 2000 yuan (US$ 317) a month so if he does not sacrifice a little, he would not be able to buy anything for his wife. Plus, his employer owes him a back pay of 10,000 yuan (US$1,586) but had reportedly promised to pay him after Chinese New Year.

Furthermore, he told that it was a one-way journey since he had no further plan to return to Shanghai as he planned to retire.

“I’m already 60 years old, and it’s time to retire. We have pensions too, after all,” he said.

Zhao’s incredibly touching sacrifice had moved the local netizens in just a short time when his news surfaced on the social medias.

One netizen commented, “Life is never easy, hope you get home safe.”  While another wrote, “he walked for 40 kilometers just to save buy new clothes his wife – that is the sweetest love in the world”

What Zhao did to his wife is absolutely pure love. He has certainly set the bar high for all of us as he proved that nothing is impossible when it comes to your loved ones.

We hope that Zhao would get to buy new clothes for his wife and have a blissful time with his family this Chinese New Year!


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