[Video] People were staring in disbelief at the grandmothers behind the wheels of this sleek black Lamborghini!


When you hear the word Lamborghini, you would most likely picture an image of a luxuriously sculpted and expensive super car which literally roars when it’s taken on the streets. Obviously not everybody can afford to own this car but anybody would jump at the opportunity to drive it if they were given the chance to do so. A couple of grandmothers were given such an opportunity and they took it!

Scroll down to watch the awesome video below.

Peggy who is wearing the purple dress drove the car and her friend Audrey was seated in the passengers seat

“You call it Lambo, I call it Ghini” said Audrey

Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden took to the streets of Los Angeles and waved at passerby’s from inside their Lamborghini  

They were waving at everyone around and it showed just how excited they were to be driving the luxury car!

“We’re Lamborghini Queens!” 

Pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and people from other cars were looking their way and most of them couldn’t believe that these two grandmothers were behind the wheels!

In one hilarious scene the two grandmothers went to buy some groceries but could not figure out where the trunk was or how to get it open.

“This is too funny you know, we got the car for the day but we can’t get our groceries in it” said Peggy

Follow their adventure by watching the video below!


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