15 unexpected situations where these individuals coincidentally found their look-a-likes!


It is a rare and almost unnerving experience to find a person who looks exactly like you in the world. Although there are over 7.6 billion people on earth currently and the probability of seeing someone who has the exact same features as you is greater than you imagine, it would still come as a shock to meet your doppelganger.

Here are a few lucky individuals who has managed to find their non-biological twins by accident and the photos don’t lie as they all look identical!

#1. They even have the same style

#2. “Why does this man look like me?”

#3. From being strangers to best friends

#4. Oh! There are actually three of them!

#5. These two look so alike it’s crazy!

#6. These two studied in the same school but they aren’t related

#7. Sometimes having a person who looks exactly like you can be harmful. Take for example Richard Jones (right) who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit

#8. “My sister from another mister”

#9. They even have the same mustache 

#10. “His girlfriend walked towards my direction questioning how i got taller”

#11. “Why am I looking at myself?”

#12. You can’t even tell the difference

#13. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s look-a-like?

#14. Jamie Vardy was pleasantly surprised to find his doppelganger 

#15. Coincidentally they were queuing in the same line

Have you met someone who looks like you? Let us know in the comment section below!


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