Young man’s FINAL REQUEST—He wanted his funeral to be a JOYOUS celebration


“Die Beautiful” is a film that deals with the topic of how people want to be remembered after they pass on. The sombre subject has touched the hearts of many young people including this young man, who wanted to be cherished for being someone who lived life to the fullest. 

Emmanuel Omañ lived the way he wanted to be remembered. The secondary education student from Bulacan State University in the Philippines passed away on July 2 from Leukemia. As his dying wish, he requested that his loved ones remember his joy.

Emmanual wanted his friends and family to rejoice at his passing with music, singing, and festivities

Emmanuel wanted to “die beautiful”

Emmanual’s family and friends helped make his dying wish come true, inspired by “Die Beautiful.”

With his casket held high, while singing ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,”  they danced and sang loudly to the sounds of the tambourine during the procession

For his funeral, Emmanuel Omana wanted plenty of flowers, with the sounds choral voices, while he was being buried

Emmanual will be remembered by his friends and family as a joyful human being

A young man whose life was short but happy, he lived life to the fullest

When Emmanuel was still alive, his desire was to be on television. His dear friends have made that wish a reality, as his funeral “parade” was broadcast on national television. Though his life may have been short, he wanted it to be wonderful. His life was celebrated the way he wanted to be remembered.

Emmanuel’s funeral-turned-parade:

Photo credits: Facebook | Emmanuel Omañ

Credit: NTD


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