During my journey, I encountered a stray cat but I did not expect the cat to start a friendship with me


There is more to vacation trip than getting the best deal of hotel room and spending a whole day at a famous spot. After a long walk at the beach or taking so many photos with your latest camera, it is the new people you meet and the wonderful, lifetime memories you create that will make your trip an unforgettable one.

Which memory impresses you the most during your holidays ? For Instagram user korochkin.denis whom travelled to Kotor, Montenegro a few days ago, he never thought to encounter a stray cat and expect the cat to befriend him!

▼ “Hi! I know you are here on vacation, so…”

▼ “Can you please give some water? I have not drunk water for a long time”

▼ Noticing that the stray’s motive was the bottle in his hand, I quickly poured some water into my hand!

▼ After that, I found out that the stray cat was very thirsty. It drank and drank and drank….

Cat: “Thank you so much my friend! If not, I would have not known when would I be able to have a sip of water.

Actually korochkin.denis is an animal lover and every time he went on a journey, he would encounter a lot of stray animals and he would help each and every one of them!

What a thoughtful act of him! We are sure the cat was thankful for him to let it had some water on a hot, sunny day. So, the next time you see stray animals, do not forget to share some of your food with them!

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