Teen calls 911 from closet, scared thieves will hear her—operator asks her to tap secret code


A 15-year-old California girl was desperate and in fear for her life after hearing intruders set off her house’s alarm system. She grabbed the phone as she ran upstairs to her parents’ bedroom—she then proceeded to call 911. A quick-thinking dispatcher helped save the girl from danger and “gave her the strength to get through the most frightening moment of her life.”

Dialing 911 is never a happy occasion—they’re usually preceded by a car accident, injury, or if someone is in fear for their life.

Despite how panicked someone might feel, police dispatchers always maintain a calm and collected demeanor. A soothing voice can provide a moment of solace to someone going through a terrifying experience.

Angie Rivera, a 12-year veteran police dispatcher, was that gentle voice on the other end of 15-year-old Doyin Oladipupo’s phone

This California teenager was scared for her life.

“He’s inside the house,” says Doyin in a hushed tone on a 911-dispatch recording. “He’s in the house,” Angie asks in an attempt to clarify the severity of her situation.

Doyin was at home when thieves broke into her home. Terrified, she tells ABC Newsthat she “took off my shoes because I didn’t want them to hear me, and I grabbed [the] phone.”

Angie then asks: “Where are you? Are you inside the bedroom?”

“I’m sitting in my parents’ closet,” replies Doyin.

“Is anyone expected home?” Angie inquires.

“No, my parents are both at work. Okay. Please hurry,” Doyin whispers

Doyin heard the burglars getting closer to her hiding spot. Moments later, Angie asks if Doyin is still able to hear the thieves.

Before Doyin could even reply, a man’s voice in the background says, “Bring the, bring the bucket over here.” The man they heard was one of the thieves.

As the thieves drew closer to Doyin, Angie was able to hear every word of their conversation. Angie rapidly put her 12 years of police dispatch experience to work.

“Okay, don’t talk,” she said—Angie then instructed Doyin to only answer yes or no via tapping the phone. They stayed as quiet as possible until the intruders left the house just a few minutes later.

While Angie kept Doyin calm and quiet, police cruisers and a helicopter were en route. As the thieves stepped out onto the driveway, they met a squadron of police officers who promptly apprehended them.

Thank you, Angie Rivera, for your quick thinking and a job well done!

See the full story as reported by ABC News below:

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