This woman went to the bank to withdraw her mother’s money soon after her funeral but she did not expect about the heartbreaking truth


Unfortunately, it is now a common scene where children only care about their parents’ money and inheritance. They never care about the grey strands in their parents’ hair or their weak knees. The woman in this story is not an exception as well when it comes to this until she realised about it a little too late.

One day, Emily received a call telling her that her mother had just passed away. She nearly passed out when she heard the news as she was too shocked with her mother’s sudden death.

After the funeral, Emily went back to her old house, where her mother stayed after she moved out to another city for her job. When she was in the middle of putting all her mother’s belongings into boxes, Emily discovered her late mother’s bank card.

Later, she went to the bank to withdraw the money from her mother’s bank account.

She did not think much about the PIN number as she thought that her mother may most likely used her birthday as her PIN number 

To her surprise, she was wrong. She then recalled on how her mother only focused on raising her after her father passed away when she was just four years old. Her mother never remarried so Emily was sure that her mother used her father’s birthday to commemorate her only love.

Emily then did a second attempt by using her late father’s birthday date as the PIN. However, her attempt failed again!

At that point, Emily was frustrated and furious as she was not able to withdraw money from her mother’s account. Later, she made another attempt but this time, her card was swallowed by the ATM machine!

She had no choice but to return to the bank with her mother’s certificate of death for her to withdraw the money.

However, it turned out that her mother chose to not disclose her personal information to anyone, even to her own daughter

Apparently, the bank told her to get a new bank card. That was the only way Emily could get the money.

This time, Emily thought hard about the PIN. It was obviously a combination that could be easily remembered by her mother. Suddenly, something came to her mind.

It was her wedding day. The day when her mother said that she was the happiest in her life.

The day when she repeatedly said to her husband to take a good care of Emily, her only daughter

Emily then tried to use her wedding day as the PIN. Surprisingly, it was the correct PIN!

Emily could not hold her tears. She had been busy and soon after she moved out and got married, she rarely came back home to visit her mother. Sometimes, she even forgot to call her on her mother’s birthday…

However, her mother still loved her and never forgot about her. Emily felt guilty for not being able to be with her mother often, even during her last moment. Now, she may have the money but she will never get to see her mother again.

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