A hardworking Filipino man who came to work at Taiwan accidentally dropped USD 40,000 in a taxi! When the police found his workplace to return his money, he cried!


What would you do if you lost your life savings from a careless mistake? Worse, you lost the money in a taxi where random people could easily take it away after their ride. This Filipino man certainly had a stroke of luck after he found his money back which he lost in a taxi thanks to these kind-hearted people.

A Filipino man left his hometown and travelled to Taiwan to work with the sole objective of earning money.

Unbeknown to him, his hard-earned money from all the years working in Taiwan had disappeared one day, leaving him anxious at his loss

According to the police, they received a report at the New Taipei Three Gorges Police Corps. A Filipino worker filed a report on the 20th requesting for help. He said that on the night before, he took a taxi home and accidentally dropped his wallet in the car.

Apart from the 40,000 US dollars he had been saving, he also lost the money he would need for his living expenses

Worse, he was about to send the money to his wife before he lost his wallet.

Soon after he lodged a police report, the police were able to identify the taxi that the man rode on that night.

Luckily, the taxi driver found the man’s wallet after the police contacted him and he then returned the wallet to its rightful owner

When the police managed to retrieve the wallet, they tried to contact the man to inform him about the good news. However, their calls were left unanswered so they decided to find him at his workplace.

As soon as they found the man and informed him about the wallet, the Filipino man could not hold tears and cried on the spot. He was just relieved to be able to get his hard-earned money back.

The man was so grateful to the police that he even hugged them

Thanks to the honest taxi driver and the efficient police, the Filipino man managed to get his money back! It appears that there is still humanity left in this world. We really need people like the police and the taxi driver.


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