[Video] A giant “sea monster” lurking in the waters of Lough Foyle was caught on film by a group of students in Ireland


The legendary giant sea creature which dwells in Loch Ness, Scotland is well-known throughout the world. This peculiar creature that inhabits the depths of the Scottish lake is also affectionately known as “Nessie” and was once a world sensation. In November 1933, a photograph of the creature was taken by Hugh Gray and it was the first photograph alleged to depict the monster.

After the news was published, there were various stories and speculations about the mythical sea creature that had been passed down from one generation to the next. This ensured that Nessie’s story was not forgotten and the search for this fabled creature still continues to this day.

This is the photograph taken by Hugh Gray depicting a strange creature with a long neck and small head

Although there were various sightings of this creature, there was only one concrete photograph of it which was taken by Hugh Gray. There are various groups of skeptics who have brushed off the photo calling it a hoax and there are also groups of firm believers who trust that there is a massive creature living in the waters of Loch Ness.

A snapshot of the unidentified creature filmed by students in Lough Foyle

Newfound interest in this sea creature resurfaced in 2013 when a group of college students recorded something very odd in Lough Foyle which is a large tidal estuary situated in County Donegal, Ireland. They were initially recording a short film for a class project when they noticed a disturbance on the water’s surface not far from where they were situated.

The creature was filmed as it moved past the student’s boat 

In the shaky recording which lasted for almost a minute, a dark mass was seen swimming slowly down the body of water. It had an irregular texture to it’s body and it was filmed as it moved past the boat which the students were on.

One student named Conall Melarkey posted the footage on YouTube with the caption “Looks like we have our own Loch Ness monster!”

The students were seen in the footage watching the peculiar being with a sense of awe and curiosity. They were understandably stunned as they could not explain what they had just witnessed.

Melarkey wrote “I have absolutely no idea what it is, but it looked amazing!”

After this video was put up on social media, many speculated that the mysterious creature they saw was probably a whale or some kind of large fish which had strayed into the Irish waters. Some went as far as to say that this was all just a stunt that was done by the college students.

Watch the footage below and decide for yourself!


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