A man found $500 at an ATM machine, what he did next will make you believe in humanity!


Below is an inspiring story which proves to us all that there are still many noble souls in this world. About two years ago, Bobby Puryear went to a bank to withdraw some cash. Upon arriving at the ATM machine, he was utterly surprised to see bank notes worth $500 left in the machine.

He felt that someone must have forgotten to take that money out of the bank notes dispenser so Bobby hurried into the bank to hand over the cash to the owner but no one claimed it to be theirs. Bobby tried to hand over the money to the bank staff but they did not accept it. So with no other choice he went on a hunt to find the real owner of the $500.

Bobby then contacted the bank’s manager to try and persuade him to give Bobby the name of the person who last used the ATM machine.

The manager agreed to do so and said he would let Bobby know when they found out

The next day, Bobby received a phone call from the bank informing him that they had found the owner of the sum of money. It was reported that the individual was a 92-year old woman named Edith. Footage from surveillance cameras showed that Edith seemed to have forgotten to take the money before she left the bank.

After finding out that Bobby was holding the money and he was trying to find the owner in order to return the sum, Edith couldn’t hold in her joy and relief

She offered Bobby $20 which was all her savings from the month before in order to show her thanks to the man.

Of course, Bobby refused to accept the reward that Edith wanted to give him. He was overwhelmed with sympathy when the woman said she lived alone and that $500 was barely enough for her monthly expenses. He then contacted the bank and asked them to transfer another $500 from his account to Edith’s.

He did this because he wanted to help the old woman and ease her burdens in any way he could

This ensured Edith had more than enough money to use for her expenses.

It wasn’t long before news of Bobby’s kindness spread throughout the town and it reached his colleagues. They collectively decided to chip in a small sum of money each and got around $100 to give Edith. That was not all, the bank had spread the story of Bobby and Edith and the workers at the bank were so moved, they decided to chip in money to help Edith as well. The bank staff rounded up around $500 and gave it Edith.

This priceless act of kindness had gotten over 200,00 shares on Facebook. This story has inspired many netizens to practice kindness and to care for people more in their daily lives.


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