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Why are our asphalt roads so different from Japan’s? Let us look at Japan’s procedure of asphalt road building!


When we drive or even ride our bicycle on roads, the most irritating problem is uneven roads, sunken holes, and multiple patch up work! We must be a professional bicycle rider to ride on these roads and all we could do is tolerate and endure it silently… For those who have been to Japan, you must be impressed by Japan’s cleanliness and the smoothness of Japanese streets. Why do they have smooth roads but not us? Let us see how they pave their roads.

Looking at this satirical comparison picture, our country’s 3D pictures technology is definitely better than printings…

This patch work here has been patched multiple times and we are used to it

If potholes appear, we will just do some patching works. A patch here and there, even the signs are covered.

We understand that patching is easy and we would happily accept it but could you please make the patch up smooth?

Every now and then, we would see roadworks especially during election times. There would be digging and patching of roads at almost everywhere.

Nevertheless, the patching works make no difference at all

Truthfully, it is better off with a pothole if the end result after patching is like the picture below!

The culprits of accidents are mostly caused by the patched up manholes and potholes. They are a danger to road users.

Look at the uneven work done and it is as bad as a big hole on the ground

In contrast, if we look at Japanese roads it is not only clean and tidy, the roads are also very smooth.

Even when they apply asphalt around manholes, there are no gaps or unevenness

Actually in the whole world, all countries face the problem of uneven roads. As the Japanese people have a very strict requirement and high expectation towards road construction, their attitude is expressed in their flat and even roads. How do the Japanese people lay asphalt onto roads? Read on and you will understand why other countries road is not as flat as Japanese roads.

The same method of laying asphalt road in every countries are the same but the Japanese people would first dig up their existing asphalt road then remove the dug up asphalt and they would try to reduce the construction noise to a minimum

Moreover during the whole process of building the road, construction machinery and vehicles are also kept neatly.

When the day is getting hotter, Japanese workmen would still have a serious working attitude and wear their uniforms.

They would dig until it exceeded the required level and carefully measure the depth

The laying of asphalt is not filled up at once but they would do it slowly, laying a layer of asphalt and run them over by a roller, making sure it is perfectly flat and compressed before laying another layer of asphalt. They would continue this process until the road is levelled.

They never compromise their work and thus maintaining a very high quality of roads

The construction environment is kept clean and tidy with a simple fence set up to remind passersby that construction is in progress

For every reconstruction of asphalt road, the Japanese had set a rule that only a hundred meters stretch of asphalt is to be laid for each job so this would ensure that the laid asphalt is flat and tight

When the laying of asphalt is finished, there would be no height difference. Only the colour of a new and old surface would be visible to tell people that a road construction has taken a place before

From the start until the end of the construction, there would be no difference in height.

It would be as smooth as the roadside border

The Japanese serious work attitude to maintain a good quality road surface may take a long time to complete and the road would be of exceptional quality. It will be perfectly levelled and you will not notice that many difference among the old and newly laid road.

That is why Japanese roads would last longer and do not need much maintenance

The Japanese paving works are done perfectly ans that is the reason why their roads are perfectly levelled and flat.

Watch the whole process of roadworks done by Japanese company here

Compared to Japanese roads, often when our government finished laying a new layer of asphalt on our roads, it would be uneven. Potholes are easily formed when wear and tear starts to set in.

In addition, the safety factors is not taken into consideration when work is in progress

When they dig out the old asphalt, it will be no deeper than a few inches. Most of the times, the old asphalt will just be left intact and a new layer would be laid on it. When they compress the new layer of asphalt it would not be tightly compressed.

That is the reason why our roads are always uneven

The main reason our roads always have potholes, cracks, uneven patches is mainly due to the workers mindset and work quality. They want to get the work done as quickly and easily as possible, thus pushing aside the ‘quality’ work that is needed in order to produce a good result. It is such a waste of tax payers money. When will our roads be like Japanese roads? Let us share this article out for everyone to read why our roads are not like Japanese roads!



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