Woman contracted ‘facial paralysis’ and it was due to a bad habit……


Going to bed with wet hair will actually lead to facial paralysis! This has happened to a 32-year-old Chinese woman whom went straight to bed with wet hair after a hard day’s work in the shopping mall. The next day, she found that she was unable to move her face at all and her mouth was crooked.

It was reported that this lady who goes by surname Xiong felt very tired after working and that has encouraged her to develop a bad habit. Every day, after work, she would take a bath and she would not air blow her hair dry before going to bed. The bad habit has been going for a while until one day, she woke up with ‘facial paralysis’.

After waking up the next day, she found that she was unable to move her face. Thinking that it was just a temporary condition, the lady did not bother much about until she had difficulty to rinse her mouth when brushing her teeth later. She got very frightened and quickly went to see a doctor. The doctor said she had contracted ‘facial paralysis’ and it was due to a bad habit of sleeping with wet hair.

Experts pointed out that when we sleep, we are actually in a relaxed state and our resistance is also weaker during that time. If we sleep with wet hair, our facial nerve blood vessels will easily contract a cold or viral infection that will cause spasm to the face thus leading to facial paralysis . These experts also remind us all that we must not sleep with our hair wet! Especially women!

If you are concern with your friends and family members who like to sleep with their wet hair, share this article with them and remind them about the dangerous consequence of sleeping with wet hair!


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