This old man is willing to swim across the sea while carrying a box of this just to earn a living


Poverty in the Philippines is a very common issue and it seems like there is no conclusive solution that can end this issue in the nearest time. Many poor Filipinos have to do multiple jobs at the same time in order to earn a living and to support their family. Because of this, it is no wonder that there are many young children and the elderly can be found on the streets, selling whatever they can just to earn money but have you seen someone sells ice cream in the middle of the sea?

No many people are actually aware of this man who sells ice cream in the middle of sea until one netizen, Ann Hernandez went to the beach with her family for a holiday vacation.

Ann and her family were on a boat when they realised that a man was swimming towards their boat with a box containing variety of ice creams

At first, Ann thought that the old man just went for a swim but as she looked closer, she realised that he was actually selling ice creams in the middle of the sea!

Following her discovery, she shared a few photos of the old man on her social media.

Her post quickly went viral with many netizens praised the old man’s perseverance and efforts for working so hard at an old age

Furthermore, the old man is willing to swim across the sea just to find customers 

We hope that many people will come forward to help the old man in the future. If you are happened to be at the beach where this old man is selling ice creams, why not support him by buying some ice creams from him. Surely, a vacation on the beach is not complete without having an ice cream!

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