Scientific research has found that putting up your Christmas tree earlier can make you happier


As we welcome the last month of the year we will also need to brace ourselves for the Christmas spirit that comes along with it. This means one would need to get ready to hear Christmas carols being played in almost every shopping mall and grocery store as well as bright Christmastime decorations that would be generously strewn across towns. So much so that one can swear they smell the faint scent of gingerbread and pine needles in the air. It truly is a season to be jolly.

Steve Mckeown is a psychoanalyst who posits that this phenomenon of thoroughly embracing Christmastime makes for a population of happier people. He states, “Although there could be a number of symptomatic reasons why someone would want to obsessively put up decorations early, most commonly for nostalgic reasons either to relive the magic or to compensate for past neglect”

He continues saying that “In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke these strong feelings of childhood,” which means that people who are eager to take out their Christmas trees, garlands and tinsel to adorn their houses have a stronger connection to their childhood and therefore feel happier being surrounded by ornaments that remind them of that time.

People who put up their Christmas trees earlier have a greater chance of improving their overall mood and temperament which make them predominantly happier individuals

Amy Morin who is an expert in psychotherapy says that the holidays “help link people to their personal past and it helps people understand their identity. For many, putting up Christmas decorations early is a way for them to reconnect with their childhoods”

And if that was not enough to satisfy you here is a list of the benefits of decorating early:

  • Increase in dopamine levels which is a hormone that makes people feel good
  • As a form of color therapy (chromotherapy) which has been proven to increase energy levels and overall happiness
  • A space to recall fond childhood memories
  • Encouraging a sense of wonder and magic
  • Increase feelings of warmth and nostalgia

So there is no need to wait as there is no time like the present to start decorating your home and improving your mood today with Christmas decor.


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