These photos prove that kids are cloned version of their parents


As we all know, sometimes a person’s gene either the father or mother will be so dominant and causes the child to be born very much like their parents. They ended up looking like their parents and are so easily recognizable just by looking at their faces.

The photos of the children below taken at the same age as their parents and they look like twins. You will definitely smile and think that they are actually twins!

Father and son, each at the age of 20

Credit: boom1397

Father and her daughter…

Obviously … mother and daughter

Credit: DroidsRugly

Father and son…

Credit: gassmaster

Although he lost his father when he was 4 years old, many people said he looks alike his father…

Credit: Sgt-Yux2

Father and son, same age, same shirt

Dad and daughter

Credit: Clare Reed Rossetto

Father and son…

Credit: Jen Gevy

Certainly the photo of her mother at the same age

Credit: Rachel Cross

The father was in 1976, and his son in 2012

Credit: dogboyboy


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