16 hilarious photos of cats that instantly regret their decisions


Majority of us who have a pet cat must be extremely familiar with these problems done by our beloved cat, right or not? So here, we have a couple of photos that show cats which instantly regretted their life choices and ended up in these troubles!

Have you ever seen your cat went through mishaps that are obviously caused by themselves? Let us look at the photos below and share pictures of your own cat getting into troubles!

#1 “This swing does not work for me…”

#2 This cat who thought that she was actually a spider man

#3 “Hmm, I admit that I underestimated the window’s height. Help me!”

#4 “I came as Napoleon”

#5 “Give the snowball to me! I am a great snowball catcher.”…”Oh, S*#@”

#6 “Help, I am drowning in here!”

#7 This cat who tried to prove that he was liquid

#8 “Pheww, made it! He did not see me hanging over here, right? Right?”

#9 “Err.., do not just stand there, help me get out of this”

#10 “I swear I saw some butterflies attacking your room. Really!”

#11 This cat got angry as his owner locked him outside and it was raining!

#12 This cat who just realised that he has fear of water

#13 “Helen, put me down and get this tiny balls off me”

#14 This cat got busted by his owner as he was up to plot a revenge against the family’s washing machine

#15 Now, this is a real Puss in Boots!

#16 “Okay, I will just wait until someone comes, hehe”

We could not hold our laugh as we see these cat. What about you?

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