When this photographer had to change his flight route to avoid a big storm, he never thought he would discover this unknown tribe


On a stormy day, Ricardo Stuckert, a Brazilian photographer had to divert his helicopter flight to avoid a big storm. Unknowingly, he never thought that the detour would lead him to an amazing discovery of a remote Amazon rainforest tribe.

These high-resolution photos were captured in Acre, a state in Brazil which is near to Peru.

Acre is highly known for its strict protection and preservation of its forest and indigenous inhabitants

These photos show a small group of an unknown tribe wearing plain clothing and body paint along with weapons

One man from the group even threw a spear towards Stuckert’s helicopter when he tried to make contact with them

It is claimed by experts that the tribe in the photos is the same tribe that came into global spotlight in 2008 when photos of some tribesmen covered in red body paint show that they launched arrows at a low-flying airplane

In an interview with National Geographic, Stuckert said, “I felt like I was a painter in the last century.”

“To think that in the 21st century, there are still people who have no contact with civilization, living like their ancestors did 20,000 years ago—it’s a powerful emotion,” he said

These tribes change their locations every four year or so

Some of the tribesmen threw arrows or spears at uninvited guests.

“They’re messages. Those arrows mean ‘Leave us in peace. Do not disturb”

“Once their territory is encroached by loggers or prospectors, the isolated groups are finished. They could disappear from the face of the Earth, and we wouldn’t even know it”

Since they have not made any contact with the modern civilisation, their tribe’s name is still unknown.

Brazil officials refer them as “isolated Indians of the upper Humaitá”

What do you think of these tribes? Certainly, they gave us a slight peek into what was happening thousands of years ago, at least, in Acre. If you are amazed by these tribesmen, why not share it with your friends and family so they too, can know about these tribes.


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