An old couple in Texas adopts a ‘Huge Rat’ named Gary and he has a ‘Special Skill’


Pets are such loving creatures to have and cherish. No matter what pet it is, the owner would love and care for it to any extend. Same goes for the 57-year-old Melanie Typaldos and her husband Richard Loveman who share their home in Texas with a ‘Huge Rat’ named Gary. It does resemble a gigantic rat, but it is actually called a capybara.

Gary weighs nearly 100 pounds right now

Capybara? What is a capybara?

A capybara, which can grow to around four feet in length and weigh up to 145lbs, is a highly social semi-aquatic mammal that lives in groups as large as 100, and is native to the forests and marshes of South America. Capybara’s habitat are usually in South America, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, Northern Argentina, Southern Colombia, Venezuela and Paraguay. It is a herbivore rodent and is considered to be the largest on earth.

This animal has no canine teeth and its tail is very short so it is also known as ‘a rat without a tail’

The couple fell in love with the South American mammal during a holiday to Venezuela, and adopted Gary from an owner who could no longer care for him.

The lovely couple will even let Gary to sleep in their bed!

“Athough some people might find it strange, it’s really no different than having a dog or a cat,”said Melanie.

“Gary is really very smart and he’s very affectionate.”

“He comes when he’s called and he likes to sleep with me,”she added.

Melanie installed a pool in her backyard for Gary to cool off in

Gary has become part of the family and enjoys nothing more than swimming with his owners in the swimming pool, which was built to remind the pet of his natural habitat

According to Melanie her other pets and animal gets along great with Gary. He was also introduced to the animal lover’s menagerie of other pets which includes a horse, rabbits, tortoises, dogs and cat.

Although Gary does sometimes gets angry with the tortoises because he thinks they invade his space but he would not do anything about it.

Gary surrounded by tortoises

Gary’s owners say he gets along well with other animals including a Boston Terrier puppy Juju

Enjoying a cuddle with Flopsy the cat

“He learns methods in an incredible speed, speedier than your typical pet would,”

“He understands how to shake, how to convert in a circle, how to stand up on his hind legs and how to soar up on points on command,”she reported.

Gary is tired after having too much fun

Ms Typaldos takes Gary, who lives on a diet of grass, to visit pupils at schools around Buda to help educate the children.

Capybaras have a very special skill which is making friends. They have their natural instinct or behavior to attract different animals to like them.

If you do not believe it, keep scrolling down!

Small puppies are trying to identify the creature

The ducks and tortoise enjoys the company of the capybara

The monkey are exploring the capybara

Nappy time for Mr.Bunny and the capybar

It can even chill out with a crocodile!

Able to share food with different animals

Finds company no matter where it is

 “Cant you see? I am a guinea pig!”

Saw that? Capybaras are quiet and low tempered animals and they can get along with most animals !

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