Fish rain phenomenon shocked local Mexican residents: “God’s blessing or doomsday?”


According to a Daily Mail report on September 26th 2017, a rainstorm occurred in Tampico, a coastal city in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  But little did they know the rainstorm was bringing something ‘fishy’ along with it.

Rain is a normal phenomenon but have you seen fish fall from the sky when it rains? Recently a city in Northeastern Mexico had fish rained down on it.

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Local residents quickly took pictures of the strange phenomenon and uploaded it on social medias and netizens commented, “Is this a gift from God or is it doomsday”?

At first, the rainstorm started with drizzle. Suddenly, fish started to fall from the sky with the rain.

When the fish hit the ground, they were still alive, jumping here and there and it got local residents into big scare as they thought that it was doomsday

From the pictures taken by local residents, we could see that local car parks were strewn with fish.

What a sight to behold!

After the ‘fishy’ rain stopped, roads and sidewalks were covered with fish and residents quickly came out with bags to pick up some of the fish.

Chief police officer, Pedro Granados told ‘Info7’ that this was a very strange and abnormal phenomenon and the fish that rained down were only a few grams in weight

He said, “I do not know if this phenomenon has anything to do with earth’s climate change. Recently we have encountered phenomena like tsunamis, storms, heavy rains, floods, solar eclipse, earthquakes and now it’s raining fish. We had never experienced any of these before.”

Local Civil Defense Bureau commented that this phenomenon would not cause danger and told local residents not to panic. When the level of oxygen is low in the atmosphere, it will create swirling whirlwinds over water which then develop into waterspouts or tornadoes over water.

This kind of phenomena are also known as ‘water tornado’.

This kind of tornado will suck water up from the water’s surface and any fishes near the surface of water

The water and the fish will be trapped in the swirling water tornado and when the tornado approaches a land, the wind speed will reduce and the fish will fall down to the ground along with the water as rain.

This is not the first time for such phenomenon to occur. It is also reported to occur in the United States, India, Australia and a few more countries which have had experienced the exact same phenomenon before. May this year, a carp rain will also took place in the cities of Northern California in the United States.

Local residents of Honduras also commented that this is a gift from God and they turned it into a ‘fish festival’ by praying to God for fish.

In Japan’s Hiroshima and Iwate prefecture in 1999, it even rained frogs and tadpoles!

So isn’t our big world strange and amazing?

Watch the video of this amazing ‘fish rain’ phenomenon below


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