Your choice of cupcake flavour will predict your love life and how you get over a breakup!


Q: Which flavor of cupcake do you prefer? It can predict your love life!

#Choice 1

【Your love character】

When it comes to your love life, you are very straight forward, decisive. When you break up, the memories of you and your ex-lover would be an unforgettable one. They would be carved deep into both of your and your ex-girlfriend’s memories.

However, this does not mean your love life is smooth-flowing. Sometimes, your love life would be dynamic and when you break up, it would be traumatic!

【How you get over a breakup】

Your whole body is emitting the charm of love but the probability of you being rejected is higher than you rejecting others.

This is because you are too enthusiastic when it comes to loving and caring for your partner. As you are too enthusiastic, you are unable to realize your partner has distanced himself or herself away from you. When you found out about it, it is too late.

You will feel dispirited for some time and would not bother to look for or to seek friends for some time. You would not be interested in any good or bad news or events until you are able to calm down. Once you’re calmed down, you would automatically heal up and move forward to your next target.

#Choice 2

【Your love character】

You are a passionate, delicate person with full range of emotions that deeply fascinate the opposite sex and your fight in love life seems to start from your birth as if you are born only to love and live.

Unknowingly, your gentle and considerate personality seem to attract the opposite sex towards you, thus, allowing you to have a smooth journey in your love life.

【How you get over a breakup】

Your affection towards the opposite sex could be your own downfall as it can be regarded as a fatal attraction.

You always think that as long as you are affectionate towards your partner, you would receive the love that you wanted but when the other party rejects it, they would still walk away.

When this happens, you would continue to look for your friends, complaining to them about your broken heart or bury yourself in your own interests trying to forget the hurtful past and at the same time, quietly waiting for your next potential partner to arrive in your life.

#Choice 3

【Your love character】

Speak out your feelings and dare to love so that everyone knows you’re in a relationship. Your love characteristics is exactly like you; joyous and happy.

You will not turn a situation into a debate and would not want your partner to guess. There is no grey areas in your love life, love is love and when you say you don’t love someone, you really mean it. Everything is fair, just, and open as you adopt the spirit of democracy.

【How you get over a breakup】

You put love as a healthy and enjoyable activity in your life. Since you love it, you do not regret it and you devote yourself to each love affair.

When there are changes in your love life, you will feel sad but you quickly recover from it as you would distract yourself by setting your time to do charity or to teach others to improve themselves. Their improvements would lift up your mood. You would not want to waste your time sulking and would not want to be defeated by sadness.

#Choice 4

【Your love character】

To your partner, you are always restrained and full of deep thoughts and mystery. People around you are unable to guess what on your mind is.

To be honest, when your partner felt pain and pleasure at the same time, the reason would be to get your attention to close the sadness gap as your partner no longer understand you.

【How you get over a breakup】

Changes in love life to you is a huge blow as you are always protecting yourself and you would not show your feelings to others at all.

When you are finally willing to sacrifice and your relationship breaks up, you will need a very long time to recover.

Your recovering method is to become more reserved and silent. You prefer to face the breakup and the bitter love that you once experienced with your ex alone and when you are ready, you will make a natural come back.

#Choice 5

【Your love character】

You let your love experience become a lesson to learn more about both male and female  being together in a relationship. At the same time, you are able to play the role of a responsible other half and solve all problems that may arise during the relationship.

Love to you is important and you will always put forth 100% of your loyalty and trust towards your partner and you too, expect your partner to do the same as well.

【How you get over a breakup】

Unless you witnessed it with your own eyes, you will not believe that your partner has a change of heart.

Unfortunately, if the result is indeed a tragedy, you will not give up on your life or to complain about the matter at all.

You may have to go through a period of low moods in which time will fade the painful memories away. After all, you still believe that there is true love in this world.

So which cupcake flavour are you? If you think the flavour correctly guessed your love life, why not share this quiz with your loved ones and they too, can choose their cupcake!


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