Frustrated bride posted her disappointment on Facebook after her bridal makeup went wrong. After her post went viral, a photographer offered her a surprise package that she will forever remember


A bride in Chai Nat, Thailand warned other brides-to-be on her Facebook about choosing the right makeup artist for their big day after her makeup went wrong on her wedding day.

Darika Klinkuhlab chose a wedding package from a recently opened bridal shop nearby her house as she thought that would be more convenient than going to her regular beauty shop that is quite far away from her house.

The foundation used for her makeup obviously was not the right shade as it looks grey and ashy on their face

However, she had to wait for more than 3 hours to get her makeup on her wedding day. Worse, the makeup did not turn out great but it was too late to redo the makeup as the wedding would start soon.

Darika had to move on with her wedding with the awful makeup on

Darika and her husband tried to cheer up on their wedding day

Darika with one of the guests who attended her big day

Disappointed with the service given by the shop and the makeup artist, she warned others to carefully choose professional makeup artist for a wedding. Later, her viral post caught the attention of a Bangkok-based professional photographer, Park Eun Young.

Park understood her frustration and he later offered her makeup artist, hairdresser, wedding attires and photo shoot to recreate her wedding day. And all for free!

Unfortunately, Darika had to decline his offer as her house was too far away from Bangkok but Park insisted that she accept the offer as wedding memory are a lifetime memory.

Below are the new photos of Darika and her husband.

Don’t they look dashing and beautiful? 

Darika certainly looks like a celebrity in this picture!

Newly married Darika and her husband look satisfied and happy

They did the photo shoot at Darika’s hometown


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