Artist looks like she’s sitting in front of a blank wall—but when she turns off the lights—it’s mindblowing


Remember those blacklight posters everyone had in their college dorm rooms? They seemed like ordinary pictures of unicorns or Jimi Hendrix, but when you’d shut the lights off, suddenly they’d glow with psychedelic colors.

Well, they’re back—and they’ve grown up.

Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian has worked in various styles and forms over the years, including portraits, ceramics and body art and has received acclaim for her work throughout Europe.

But recently, she’s attracted the most attention for her stunning murals.

Watching Fabian paint the walls, her work doesn’t seem like anything too special…

But when you turn off the lights, they turn into stunning, full-room black light murals.

Fabian’s fascination with glow-in-the-dark artwork began as a teenager, and over the years has slowly incorporated it into her body of work.

Perhaps due to its association with dorm rooms and mall stores, Fabian said that she wanted to “elevate the fluorescent and phosphorescent technique back into mainstream art.”

She later started creating Ultraviolet murals, which have since become her signature work.

“I am trying to create dreamy atmospheres, paint walls and floors and manage to enlighten my art with and without a source of energy,” Fabian explained on her website.

“Thus, the spectator can experience the result in the daylight as well as in the dark, and in that way enjoy it in all its facets.”

“My goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a soul, where relaxing and living become an experience.”

They’re definitely unique. Who wouldn’t want to live in a bedroom like this?

With just a flick of a light switch, the rooms turn into whole new worlds:

But for Fabian, the murals are more than cool decoration. They represent the hidden unknown around us.

“The universe that seems so distant, but is our cradle at the same time… The universe that we understand so little of,” she wrote on Facebook.

“But still, all its secrets lie hidden inside us: its materials, its energies that surround us and are inside us.”

“The idea is that we can gain the sensation of overcoming distances that our eyes judge to be vast and that we can abolish these imaginary confines, even if only visually,” Fabian added. “This is my constant goal throughout my work.”

So if you want to abolish the confines of your own senses—and make your home look like the set of Avatar in the proccess—you’re in luck: you can commission a mural of your own, just by submitting a request form on her website.

But for most of us, we’ll just have to settle for the stunning photos of her work.

Photo credit: Bogi Fabian

Credit: Epoch Times


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