Abandoned kitten adopted by 5 ferrets thinks she is a ferret too


One day, a small kitten age at just 5 months was found abandoned by a family. The family was really fond of the kitten so they took her back to their home and adopted her as their pet cat. Day by day, the kitten who was named Komari grew up to be a healthy and playful cat.

This abandoned kitten was only 5 months when her new family found him

Even though they have already adopted 5 ferrets as pets before Komari came into their family, it was not a big problem to them. Komari is totally an adorable addition to their growing family.

Komari with her new ferret siblings sharing a cage together

Komari shares his cage along with her 5 older ferret siblings. The ferrets are really pleased with Komari’s presence and they get along really well. Since Komari came to live and play with them since she was a small kitten, she has grown into thinking that she came from the same species as the ferrets are.

Komari and her ferret brothers share a hug and snuggle

See her cute actions below when she is with his ferret siblings. Aren’t they a perfect family?

“Let’s put our heads together, guys.”

They are really close to each other!

The lovely siblings sleeping together in their cage

“Oh, look! You’ve got your hand in my mouth, Komari!”

Enjoying their bath with their rubber squeaky duck toys

Just like one of them: Komari sleeps well when she is with her siblings

It’s meal time! Komari eating her meal with the ferrets

“I’ll always be with you.”

Photo credit: @garo004giru


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