Charming baby boy stops his dad from scolding him when he does something. The reason is humorous!


Have you ever heard of someone laughing and you can tell who that person is by the way he or she laughs? Yes, we all have indeed experience this many times in our life. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. But this cute baby has got to win the best laugh of all time.

The video starts off with his presumably older sister wagging her finger to catch this adorable, chubby baby boy’s attention.

Consequently, the little baby boy laughed at her act and everyone tried to tease him again to get him laugh some more.

This made him to burst with laugh again and this time, his dad burst with big laugh.

“This laughing situation’s gotta stop!” His dad said while in the meantime trying his best to maintain his composure.

“You’re not a sheep, you’re a boy!” His dad slammed his hands on the wooden floor.

Obviously, the baby let out another outburst of laugh!

Watch the video of this chubby toddler laughing here. Do you think his laugh sounds like a sheep?


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